North America e-Liquid Wholesale List PDF


Wholesale eLiquid wholesale specializes in the production of eLiquid that produces a superior vapor and cloud of smoke.   We only sell our eliquid wholesale.  Our e-liquid produces clouds of vapour and is used in many eJuice formulations for personal vapour systems as well as in electronic cigarettes globally.  We prefer to sell our e-liquid unflavoured and allow the users to add their own flavor (as we feel the market is headed to plain or menthol) and we feel best practice is to train your clientele to experiment and add their own flavor. 

Our eLiquid is available unflavoured  or flavoured.  e-liquid is also known as e-juice and our formula is a solution of primarily vegetable glycerin (VG) and some propylene glycol (PG) and our flavoured range includes quality concentrated flavors.